Diaclastic eSports

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About Diaclastic eSports

We are a Traditional esports organisation, hosting tournaments with AAA titles on major platforms like PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We are creating the whole ecosystem for traditional esports. Located in Östersund, Sweden we are a small group of people working hard to build the traditional esports industry and take players to international platforms.

Our story



From my childhood I was in very much love with video games. I used to play Road Rash. That was one of my favorite game. But I was also very competitive during those early days and another favorite game of mine was Need for Speed 2 and I used to play that using the split screen on my PC if anyone remembers what that means. Since then I never left gaming. When I started streaming my only goal was to help other streamers and gamers, I created a community on Twitch called Daily Gamerz but that wasn’t enough. I wanted people to take gaming as a serious career choice. That goal brought me to the creation of Diaclastic esports.  


Owner & Legal Adviser

I am a lawyer by profession and wanted to do something new in a new field. I always used to play games be that on my phone or SNES. Seeing the prospect of esports, I joined Diaclastic esports to give all the players a fair chance in this career and to actually help them make esports as a serious career. I also want to change the conventional thinking that people can’t make gaming as a career. It is about to be changed big time. I’m also not just all about work, I do stream time to time on Twitch and very much obsessed with Fortnite. I love that game and take out time from my busy schedule to play a round or two everyday.